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Cub Campers – SCE are accredited with the first imbedded panel ‘Safe SmartSolar’ Solar installation in Australia..

Project Description

Installation Date: May 2013 and end of 2015

Kilowatts: 78kWs (58kW original system installed 2015, added another 20kWs in 2017)

Configuration: 234 x 250watt UPSOLAR Smartmodules, Fronius CL60 centralised Inverter with Fronius DC String Combiner box and isolator on the roof. Additional 80 x 250watt TrinaSmart Smart modules added to existing system.

First panel level embedded Smart Solar module installed in Australia.

  • Estimated kWH savings of 122,640.00 over system lifetime
  • 109 320kgs of CO2 saved annually
  • 17.3% return while allowing for only a 5.5 day working week where savings can be made

The project at Cub Campers was started in 2013 and saw SCE install a 58kw system. The system was designed to offset the businesses day energy consumption after several weeks of metering was conducted to determine system size. The solar concept was proposed by the owner’s accountant as a means of income for the owner’s superannuation fund. The power generated from the solar system is sold back to the business and the investment return forms part of the owner’s superannuation return. The system gives a 17.3% return while allowing for only a 5.5 day working week where savings can be made. After two years of these returns, Cub Campers decided to add an extra 20kWs to their system in late 2015 to further increase their savings.

Cub Campers were presented with the Excellence in Environmental Innovation award for 2013 for the solar installation at their premises. SCE are also very proud of this Environment award and are very honoured to be able to make claim that the Cub Camper system was the first ever Panel level Tigo Embedded smart system to be installed in Australia. The director Roger Fagan, who already had several solar systems of his own and was familiar with solar technology, was very enthusiastic about the functionality of the smart module solar.

Testimonial: “I installed a 58.5 kilowatt Fronius/Tigo commercial solar system at my factory at North Rocks. Our working hours are 6.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday and 7.00am to 12 noon Saturday. Based on the reading of the AC meter provided in the system, and comparing it to our energy bill, we are satisfied that our targeted return of 15% has been achieved. We have been advised that we are being affected by shade in the early morning and afternoon and these returns could be improved. Based on these results and the service provided, Cub Campers would be happy to recommend SCE Energy Solutions to other potential clients”

Project Details

  • Date May 7, 2018
  • Tags Solar PV
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