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Project Description

Installation Date: November 2018

Kilowatts: 36.4

Configuration: 118 x 340watt TrinaSmart Smart models, x Fronius SYMO 15kW Inverter

The engineers at Galvatech knew they wanted to reduce they energy costs while the management wanted a green look for the company. This made it a simple decision to go solar although, with the many different power supplies at the site, how to do it correctly was the challenge. In the end it was found that the best way forward was to consolidate their power supplies to one larger MSB and install one individual solar system. On displaying the Tigo SmartSolar and listing the many features coupled with the Rapid Shutdown Compliance, both the engineers and management team knew there was only one system to install. Galvatech are now looking to install commercial batteries together with expanding their SmartSolar solar systems size.

Galvatech are enjoying average annual kWH savings of 57,345.



Project Details

  • Date April 2, 2019
  • Tags Solar PV
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