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Project Description

Installation Date: November 2018

Kilowatts: 299.97

Configuration: 909 x 330watt TrinaSmart Smart models, 9 x Fronius Eco 27kW Inverters – NSW

Configuration: 303 x 330watt TrinaSmart Smart models, 3 x Fronius Eco 27kW Inverters – VIC

Working with owners Anthony Karam and Corriene Karam of TMA to assist with them tackling their increasing energy costs, it was an easy decision for Corrine to go solar when seeing the returns available by producing your own green energy. “This is a no brainer” with returns this good. Once the decision was made to go with solar it was then time to decide on what technology would provide that energy. On recommendation from other businesses and after seeing the many benefits incorporated within Tigo SmartSolar the decision was a simple one. Installing the only system that complied with Global Safety Regulations was the only smart business choice. TMA enjoy the benefits of safety ensuring their core business is protected, the ability of confirming their investment is performing at it optimum and the security of knowing the installed system is being monitored for that optimum performance by a third party.

TMA are enjoying average annual kWH savings of 459,980.

Project Details

  • Date April 2, 2019
  • Tags Solar PV
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