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Solar Panels.

Although solar panels may not be the most important part of your Commercial Solar system they still have a very important job to do and they must continue to do that job effortlessly and without fault for the next three or four decades. They must produce a high yield of continuous DC energy!

SCE Energy Solutions have the ability to supply almost any make and model of solar panel available due to our large network of supply partners although with the introduction of embedded Tigo Technology we now promote our Trina, Tigo and Jinko solar panel manufacturer partners. All of these Tier One panel manufacturers embrace Tigo Energy SmartSolar Technology as the future of solar harvesting systems and have introduced this technology within their panels at the manufacturing stage.

SCE Energy Solutions only install solar panels supplied by Tier One companies that have solid warranties in place backed up by certified global insurance companies. All our embedded panel manufacturers have a solid representation within the country with distribution outlets holding product supplies for system growth or warranty claims.

The easiest way to determine if a panel manufacturer has outstanding performance and credibility world wide is by the number of utility size installations it has been involved with throughout the world. Only the high level Tier One panel manufacturers are sourced for these large global jobs and SCE Energy Solutions is pleased to offer these manufacturers as part of our True Commercial Solar solution.


Remember that when you choose your solar panel it will have to stay out in the hot Australian sun and the driving rain for the next three to four decades. Even the smallest shortfall in the manufacturing process will see inferior solar panels fail within a few years of their installation.

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