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TIGO Energy – Solarsmart Technology.

SCE Energy Solutions view’s the installation of Tigo Energy SolarSmart technology as the first and most important part of designing a True Commercial Solar system. Traditional or ‘Legacy’ solar was designed in the 1960’s and this basic solar concept is today, some 50 years later, unchanged. Obviously the quality of traditional solar systems has improved dramatically although their ability to convert the suns rays into AC power has remained basically stagnate.

You could compare Traditional technology and Tigo technology in the same way you would compare a 1960’s EH Holden with the latest 2017 Commodore. They may both be motor vehicles capable of taking you from A to B, both have an engine, gearbox and wheels but they are most definitely two totally different cars!


Some of the features Tigo offers at a glance

  • 25% more power density and efficiency
  • Individual panel MPPT
  • Individual panel monitoring
  • Lower total cost of ownership & LCOE
  • 25 year maximizer warranty
  • Ark Detection Auto Shutdown
  • Instant notification of faults via SMS or email
  • No panel mismatch or degradation losses
  • Minimum risk for any industrial solar system investment
  • Module voltage shutdown during installation and servicing
  • Adaptable and expandable to any design
  • Future proof with allowable mismatch panel exchange
  • Internet access connection as standard


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