The CEO of SCE Energy Solutions, Jon De Martin, has always loved machinery and technology. After years in mechanical engineering, he started a firm of builders, constructing residential and commercial properties. As Jon saw electricity prices soaring and the cost of solar panels coming down, he started to install Solar Photovoltaic systems for his clients.

“When we started with solar, instead of just selling our customers a system based on what they seemed to need according to their power bills, we decided to find out where they were using power, to make sure we weren’t putting in more solar panels than was really necessary. As soon as we started hooking up the Smart Meters, it was staggering! We discovered that most of the businesses we worked with were wasting up to 50% of the energy they were paying for.”

This led Jon on a worldwide search to find technology that could fix the problem. SCE Energy Solutions now supplies a range of intelligent technologies to save our clients significant amounts of money with a ROI of less than 3 years – cash-positive from their first energy bill.
“What inspires me every day is that our clients really do want to do the right thing for the environment, for the planet, for all our kids. This technology now lets us cut pollution and save money at the same time, making it financially profitable and environmentally responsible”.
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Jon De Martin
CEO, SCE Solar Energy Solutions

Why SCE Energy Solutions:

  • One point of contact for all your energy requirements
  • Complete turn-key installation from start to finish
  • Expert grid application processing
  • 24-hour system performance monitoring
  • After-sale service and maintenance plans
  • Bundled energy packages for maximised savings
  • Latest technologies allowing freedom of design for individual applications
  • Rent to Buy finance option with potential for energy savings to cover equipment costs without capital expenditure

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Our People

SCE Energy Solutions has a Fantastic team of hard working individuals who are passionate about energy efficiency and reducing societies carbon footprint. They each work diligently to help provide our customers with not only the very best energy projects and research behind these projects, but in maintaining excellent customer rapport and customer relationships.
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