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Looking for a way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint? Magnatech fuel conditioning is the solution. Our magnetic fuel conditioning units increase the fuel efficiency of your existing system without the need.

What is fuel conditioning?

Fuel conditioning is an emerging technology based on the discovery that high-powered magnets placed in a particular sequence on fuel feed lines cause the fuel to burn at a higher temperature and more efficiently. Scientists have put forward several theories about how exactly the science behind it works, from paramagnetic oxygen to influencing nanoparticles. The jury is still out on what actually is taking place, but the results are fantastic. 

Why choose fuel conditioning?

About Magnatech

The fuel conditioning experts

Based in Northamptonshire, UK, Magnatech is a specialist in fuel conditioning. They have developed their own design and configuration of magnetic fields for fuel conditioning, drawing on many years of experience from their installations all over the world.

Their clients come from the food processing and manufacturing industry through to refineries to offices and warehouses, hotels, and stately homes. We’ve fitted our fuel conditioning units everywhere from massive commercial boilers to single domestic heaters and from Army barracks to Royal Navy Fleet Headquarters. They are able to condition any type of hydrocarbon fuel, with the degree of effectiveness governed by the layout of the fuel feed line.

SCE Energy Solutions is happy to carry out surveys and trials if needed, to help you establish if Magnatech fuel conditioning is the right choice for you.

Why choose Magnatech?

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Some of our UK clients


The former Pfizer/Pharmcia chemical plant at Morpeth in Northumbria ran a trial on their isolated QA boilers and reported savings of over 10%. Based on this they went on to install Magnatech units across the remainder of their boiler complex.

The Energy Manager said: “I was very skeptical but at the same time interested. I was amazed when we obtained an 11% reduction in gas consumption”.

The service from Magnatech was excellent, although the technology appears to be “a black art”.

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The microprocessor manufacturer Atmel ran a major trial on one of their 5MW boilers and with their sensitive recording equipment were able to detect savings within a few days. Normally it takes a number of weeks for the magnetic force to significantly penetrate the steel. They decided to extend the installation before the end of the trial period to another of their boilers where they were reporting savings in excess of 9% in gas consumption.

Paul Ingham, the Principal Mechanical Engineer of Atmel, said: “I didn’t really believe it was possible. Amazingly within two days savings were apparent! Initially, they were around 1-1.5% but they increased daily. Now we are still seeing a reduction in gas consumption /kw out of around 9.5%.” 

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Tamar Foods, part of the Samworth Bros Group, one of the UK’s largest food producers, installed a number of Magnatech units to the gas infeed pipes of their Cochran 2615kW steam boiler.

The gas magnet installation has reduced gas use at Tamar Foods by 6% in terms of actual use with an associated efficiency improvement of 24%. Since installation, the gas magnets have saved £5000 on steam boiler usage. This gives a predicted annual saving of £7748 for an outlay of £7280, meaning Tamar Foods have seen a return on investment in just under one year.

Following the successful trial, Tamar is now rolling out Magnatech units across the rest of their site.

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