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Popular Questions

No two projects are remotely the same. We tailor our services to meet your project goals and budget, providing the highest level of service in the most efficient manner.

Photovoltaic solar panels have a 25 year performance manufacture warranty guaranteeing they will supply around 85% of their rated power even after 25 years. This is due to the Silicon Wafer in the panels slowly degrading although solar panels are expected to last 30 to 40 years.

Electronic components such as the inverter are the most sensitive. With normal use, and as long as the system installed has been properly designed and the inverter is not overloaded, the inverter should last 15 years or so before requiring service. The top brand inverters offer extended warranties for up to 20 years.

Grid connect solar is only available where grid electricity is supplied to a property like your home or business receives power now. The solar system design requires grid power for it to work. A property without Grid power like a remote farm requires an Off-Grid designed solar system. Grid and Off-Grid solar systems are totally different in their design.

Yes it is if you live in the southern hemisphere, although good solar generation can be achieved with panels facing east and west also. However, we would not recommend facing panels south.

Most properties are capable of having a solar system installed. As a starting point, we can assess the building remotely to see if it is suitable and then move to a site inspection to confirm this.

Excess energy generated by your solar system and not used on site is sent back to the grid to be used elsewhere. This energy is purchased off you by your energy provider for a negotiated fee usually between 4 – 25 cents and is given to you as a credit on your energy account.

On assessing your energy bills and interval data we will design a system based on your properties load. This is different for every property.

SCE offers a 10 years parts and labour warranty on all SmartSolar systems, 10 years labour covered by SCE and 10 years or more covered by the equipment manufacturers. There is also a 25 year panel performance manufacturer’s warranty.

Most insurers will allow you to include the system under your insurance. If in doubt, contact your insurer.