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We installed the second largest rooftop SmartSolar system in Australia for De Bortoli Wines in Griffith. This is a great initiative by the De Bortoli family to reduce their energy costs and their emissions.

ABout The Project

De Bortoli Wines is the sixth largest winemaker in the country and a third-generation family business. The company had already installed solar energy and solar hot water systems several years ago and knew that it was time to add more with the ever-increasing energy charges. After seeing how the original system had performed, they wanted to install a solar system that covered their annual base load.

SCE Energy Solutions was the only company to offer a Tigo Energy DC managed solar system. They had previously experienced problems with traditional solar systems and wanted to eliminate the risk of these issues occurring again. When they were offered a Tigo DC managed SmartSolar system and shown the many features that come with this technology, they knew they had found the solar they wanted.

This was a complex installation with over six roofs and three main switchboards which required extensive cable work to connect the systems together. Additionally, four more wine tanks were installed after the SmartSolar system was completed creating large amounts of shade on one roof. If the Tigo optimisers hadn’t been installed, the solar panels or tanks would have needed to be relocated.

The 1.15MW system is the largest SmartSolar rooftop system in New South Wales and is a great initiative by the De Bortoli family to reduce their energy costs and emissions. 


SCE has been a great partner throughout the upgrade and expansion process, and we are excited to have the latest Tigo Energy technology for safety and performance. This solar system now covers 30-35% of our total energy usage in full generation, and we could not be happier about this investment.
Tarek Heiland
Engineering Manager

Project Description

Project: De Bortoli Wines

Installation date: July 2023

System size: 1151.07kW

Location: Griffith, NSW

Annual Energy Production: 1,802,250kW 

Annual CO2 saved: 1477.85 Tonnes 

Safety: Tigo DC management system with full optimisation and Rapid Shutdown compliance to system. 

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