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The system for Knights Meats was installed to cater for the Delicatecent energy use only as this was a separate energy meter and account for high kwh energy prices. At that time the main shop energy account had very low energy rates making for a lengthy ROI.

ABout The Project

Knights Meat’s solar system was installed to cater for the electricity used at the deli section of their building. The deli had a separate energy meter which accounted for high energy prices, whilst the main shop had very low energy rates during the time.

With energy prices continuing to rise, James has moved forward with two additional energy-saving items. The first was an order for a voltage stabilisation unit for the shop giving solid savings and a great ROI. The second was a much larger solar installation. When presented with our additional 52kw solar installation for the main shop, James asked us to redo the design to see how much more we could get on his roof. Seeing the benefits from the first 12kw system James is sold on renewable energy.

Knights Meat Wagga Wagga is now enjoying an annual kWH savings of 18,396.00.


My association with SCE Energy Solutions extends over 18 months and has developed into a relationship of complete confidence in Jon and the Team of SCE. Prior to meeting Jon for the first time, I had many visits from salesman trying to sell me Solar Energy (mainly solar panels). Due to the visits, I began to investigate further into solar myself and increase my level of knowledge in an area that I could see would provide great benefits to my business. When Jon come to visit me, the approach he took and the many levels of savings he could achieve in my business highlighted to me that Jon was a business owner himself that showed genuine reason in trying to lower overheads and improve efficiency.

Sounds text book like I know, but SCE Energy Solutions where the only company that provided me with 5 very strong focal areas of improvements that gave extremely attractive ROI. I was also provided realistic calculations on energy savings, improved equipment performance and the reduction in maintenance due to the peaks of my current power supply. Jon’s passion and experience in this industry was reflected by his vast knowledge but also his approach which at first was more about recognizing the issues and their affordability and then finding a viable solution.

The knowledge Jon displayed regarding the vast alternatives to reducing your energy demands extended over so many areas, not just Solar, and this to me was the difference between SCE Energy Solutions and the others. We have installed solar power to our business and intend to initiate the other areas suggested by SCE Energy Solutions which will give us the greatest returns. Jon have assisted me with designing a plan to do so that suits my business situation.

I can recommend to any business to allow SCE Energy Solutions the time to sit down and discuss the possible areas that they can address and assist you with in reducing overhead costs, and making your business more efficient in regards to energy usage. It was great meeting someone who provided such an impact on my energy consumption with technologies I was not aware of. Better still as we move forward, they keep me up to date with further improvements that may help my business and monitor the efficiency of those technological improvements they have already made.

James McNaughton
Director Knights Meats

Project Description

Project: Director Knights Meats

Installation date: October 2014

System type: 48 Tigo TS4 TrinaSmart modules, Fronius 12kw SYMO Inverter

System size: 12kWs

Location: Wagga Wagga, NSW

Safety: Tigo DC management system with full optimization and Rapid Shutdown compliance to both systems.

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