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Saraton Theatre Grafton.

Project Description

Installation: July 2014

Kilowatts: 35kW

Configuration: 140 x 250watt TrinaSmart Smart modules, 2 x Fronius 15kw SYMO inverters.

Angelo and John Notaras were very keen to work with SCE and our Tigo SmartSolar systems as the two men have been frontrunners with technology for all of their lives. Being inventors themselves with the first ever cordless drill, they were very excited to have the world leading solar technology being fitted to their Heritage and fully restored theatre in Grafton. Although there were a few shading issues that needed overcoming the main driver for the two men was the safety features associated with Tigo SmartSolar and the assurance their theatre would not burn down due to a solar related issue.

Saraton Theatre  is now enjoying an average annual kWH savings of 53,655.00.


We first meet Jon from SCE Energy Solutions in May 2014 when we were looking to install Solar to our factory in Sydney and our Theatre in Grafton. After inspecting the properties Jon informed us that there were several areas for us to save energy with the theatre having the additional savings benefits of completing a Hydrocarbon Refrigerant exchange to our air-conditioning systems, saving us large amounts of energy before we started looking at generating with solar. Jon also advised us of the new Smart Solar Technology which allows us to see every panel’s performance while generating up to 20% more energy.



More importantly the technology continually monitors our solar systems performance and will advise us of a system fault in real time, ensuring our investment is performing as designed. The installation of the equipment was completed around our timetable and the SCE Installation Team completed the works seamlessly and without any disruption to the operation of the theatre. The ongoing communication with Jon, the Director of the company, has been a testament to SCE Energy Solutions great after sales service. The investment in the energy saving equipment has been a fantastic investment resulting in real savings to our electricity costs. We have no hesitation in recommending SCE Energy Solutions to any organisation looking to reduce their electricity costs”

Angelo and John Notaras – Managing Directors


Project Details

  • Date February 9, 2018
  • Tags Solar PV
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