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  • Client: Planet Fitness Warrawong
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Planet Fitness Warrawong reduces energy costs by installing Tigo SmartSolar in their gyms. The State-of-the-art technology ensures maximum performance and safety compliance.

ABout The Project

Planet Fitness is a renowned Australian fitness organisation specialising in top-tier gym layouts complemented by wellness centres included in their memberships. While many of their locations operate 24/7, the majority of their business activities take place during daylight hours, often in high temperatures. As a result, air conditioning requirements are substantial and represent a significant portion of their operational expenses. Recognising the daytime energy loads, it was an obvious choice for Planet Fitness to adopt solar power to alleviate their energy demands.

As Planet Fitness prides itself on delivering cutting-edge fitness technologies and impeccable gym facilities, it was only fitting to incorporate state-of-the-art solar technology into their infrastructure. Tigo DC Managed SmartSolar was selected for installation across all available sites, including Warrawong. The primary reasons for choosing SmartSolar were its ability to generate additional power, offer detailed monitoring capabilities, and provide enhanced safety features such as Rapid Shutdown Safety.

Many of Planet Fitness’ installations are located within large shopping centres, where strict compliance with Rapid Shutdown safety regulations is crucial. The utilisation of SmartSolar ensured 100% adherence to these regulations, facilitating swift approval from centre management for solar installations.

As Planet Fitness continues to expand its gym network, SmartSolar will now be integrated as part of their initial site setup.

Project Description

Project: Planet Fitness, Warrawong

Installation date: Feburary 2023

Location: Warrawong, NSW

System size: 99.36kW

System type: 184 x 540watt PhonoSmart Modules with 2 x Fronius 25kW ECO and 2 x 15kW SYMO inverters

Rebate assistance: $43,225

Annual Production: 157,498 kW

Annual CO2 saved: 129,150 kg

Safety: Tigo DC management system with full optimization and Rapid Shutdown compliance to both systems.

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