About the project

  • Client: Rotacaster
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SCE Energy Solutions installed their second SmartSolar system for Rotacaster to help combat soaring energy costs.

ABout The Project

In 2021, Rotacaster implemented their initial Tigo SmartSolar system, resulting in a significant reduction of energy costs for their newly established business. As the company expanded, their energy consumption increased due to the installation of new machinery. Recognising the benefits of solar power in lowering energy usage, Peter expressed a strong desire to incorporate more solar panels to further decrease his escalating energy consumption. As a result, an additional 97.92kw was integrated into a second NMI on the premises.

Having a comprehensive understanding of the advantages of DC Managed SmartSolar, Peter was the first to request the installation of the same technology for the second setup. Within a span of less than 24 months, Peter personally witnessed how the Tigo SmartSolar system identified blown string fuses, particularly during and after storms, enabling prompt repairs that would typically go unnoticed. Peter’s investment objective revolves around achieving 100% performance, and the Tigo technology provides him with the confidence that his desired outcome will be realised.

Project Description

Project: Rotacaster

Installation date: July 2023

Location: Beresfield, NSW

System size: 97.92 kW

System type: 192 x 510watt TrinaSmart Modules with 1 x Fronius Touro 100kW inverters

Rebate assistance: $37,870

Annual Production: 151,312 kW

Annual CO2 saved: 124,080 kg 

Safety: Tigo DC management system with full optimization and Rapid Shutdown compliance to both systems.