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  • Client: Reliable Food Distributors
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Reliable Food Distributors installed a 195.84kW commercial solar system to help reduce their energy costs at their brand-new facility in NSW.

ABout The Project

With Reliable Food Distributor’s business growing, it was time to move to bigger premises to cope with the increased demand for Ben and his team’s outstanding service and quality of food. The new location required two warehouses with large cool rooms and freezers. Ben had already installed a 60kW SmartSolar system in his existing business and knew he needed SmartSolar at his new location, only more of it. 

Ben wanted two 100kw systems fitted to cater for the new load and insisted on having another SmartSolar system fitted to his new site. Over the years with the original 60kw system, Ben found first-hand how important panel level monitoring and individual panel performance are to an investment in solar. On several occasions, the SmartSolar notified Ben and SCE that his system had a small issue with an isolator or a fuse and it was repaired within days. Small issues like these can go undetected for the entire life of a traditional legacy system, costing thousands in reduced savings.

Something Ben was fortunate to never require with his original system was the use of the rapid shutdown feature that comes standard with Tigo Energy SmartSolar technology. Rapid Shutdown shuts all power down at the panel in the case of an emergency or for service works, ensuring the safety of his core business and new business premises. This was also a big part of Ben’s decision for installing a quality Tigo DC managed SmartSolar system.

World-leading Fronius Tauro inverters look after the hard work with the DC to AC conversion, ensuring clean quality solar AC energy for the equipment on site.

Project Description

Project: Reliable Food Distributors

Installation date: July 2023

Location: Prestons, NSW

System size: 195.84 kW (2 x 97.92 kW systems)

System type: 384 x 510 watt TrinaSmart Modules with 2 x Fronius Touro 100kW inverters

Rebate assistance: $75,740

Annual Production: 302,625 kW

Annual CO2 saved: 248,150 kg

Safety: Tigo DC management system with full optimization and Rapid Shutdown compliance to both systems.

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