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Local Support – Arguably the most important factor is local support. It is not enough just to be ‘European’. Fronius is unique in the level of local support that we can provide for our partners, especially for an inverter manufacturer from Europe. We have the advantage of leading edge technology from Europe with the combination of a significant investment in the Australian market through Fronius Australia.

Although a large Global company, Fronius is still a family run business that takes its time in designing and manufacturing the absolute best products possible. Its not just the best quality and the best workmanship, it’s the clever ingenuity and ‘outside of the square thinking’ that set Fronius apart from the others. Although many, here are a few of their clever ideas that set them apart from the rest.

The Mix Concept

Individual power racks within the inverters are turned off and on automatically depending on the insolation power during the day. This ensures that the load is optimized and yield is always at maximum, even while raining, when cloudy or at dusk. 


Unsurpassed reliability. The Fronius CL creates a redundant system because it integrates several smaller power modules that work together. If one power module should fail, the others simply take up the slack. In comparison, when the power module fails in monolithic systems, the entire system stops operating, leading to considerable loss of earnings.

Long service life. The control unit automatically calculates which power racks and how many will be turned on and off in partial load operation using the respective operating hours of the power modules. This helps to equalize the work load on the PC boards. This also decreases the operating hours of the individual power modules thus increasing the service life of the inverter.


Hot Swap Concept

The Fronius CL Series Inverter is state of the art technology specifically designed for larger commercial systems. It is a single floor mounted upright inverter cabinet, incorporating individual ‘Power Modules’ housed within a plug and play drawer interchange system allowing for ‘minute’ fast module changeover in the event of a failure. Not only will the remaining modules continue to deliver power during the single module down time but a spare ‘Power Module’ stored on site will see the system back to 100% operation within minutes without the need to engage a service technician. Notification of a system issue will be emailed almost immediately via live Tigo Monitoring.

Intelligent Cooling

An innovative ventilation design eliminates dust and moisture from getting into the power module area. The air required for cooling is drawn in by two fans on the front of the device and passed through a closed channel within the individual power racks. The PC boards never come into contact with the outside air. Inside the hermetically sealed power module, a smaller fan ensures uniform cooling. This sophisticated system increases the operational reliability and the service life of the inverter.

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