Why you should use Solar-Powered Pool Pumps

Did you know that pool pumps use more electricity than any other item in your home?

But don’t worry we know how to lower your electricity costs without buying a complete new system! 

If you currently have an AC pool pump or just recently bought one, don’t replace it, upgrade it with an ECO Controller. Upgrading your current AC pool pump with an ECO Controller can save you 50% – 75% on its running costs. 

With today’s technology, ECO Controllers can turn any standard pump into an energy-efficient multi-speed pump. You will now be able to reduce the electricity required to operate the pump by up to 75% without compromising filtration or water quality.

Changing your pump to a slower, energy-efficient speed will allow the water to pass through the filter at the right flow and pressure. This allows the filter media to clean the water efficiently and by running the pump at its optimum water filtration speed, you will also have other added benefits.

Or let the sun run your pool for free with a Solar Powered Pool Pump. Inquire today about solar pool pumps and eco controllers here.

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