Why Solar for your Business

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How does a True commercial solar system work well for a business? The answer is simple; businesses use most of their power during the day, the same time a Commercial Solar system will make power for you.

In addition, a commercial solar system works together with your incoming power supply from the grid and together they supply the power required for the businesses day to day operation.

All the power generated by your commercial solar system is consumed within the business first, with any additional power required supplied by the grid. Since the commercial solar system’s power is consumed first your grid power requirement is reduced by the amount generated, this means you do not need to buy that power from the grid which equates to a reduced energy need and substantial savings. Commercial solar system sizing is crucial as excess power (more power generated than required by the business) is fed back into the grid with no benefit to the system investment return. This will vary between zero and eight cents depending on your location.

Depending on the amount of energy your business consumes during sunlight hours will determine the overall amount of energy that can be saved by installing a commercial solar system. The installation of a commercial solar system will always give returns of investment based on your current energy buying price, although the percentage amount of energy savings overall will vary depending on your business type and the hours the business consumes its power.

Why Solar for your Business » commercial solar
This is an example of a cold storage business that consumes large amounts of power 24 hours per day.
Why Solar for your Business » commercial solar
This is an example of a manufacturing business that consumes most of its power in daylight hours.

Both have very good returns of investment from a true commercial solar system. Both have greatly reduced their daylight hour energy consumption by installing a true commercial solar system although a business that operates solely in daylight hours can come very close to eliminating their energy bills.

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